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With its sheer cutouts, super stretchy fabric and sleek appearance, Titika’s Heart Leggings are the perfect staple that bring the ‘wow’ factor to any workout and day out.

During my trip to NYC about a month ago, I practically lived in these leggings! I wore these babies for my 3am airport arrival but it was their wearability during the scorching hot Manhattan heat that really solidified these as a must-have for me.

I chose to wear these with an oversized button-down from Anthropologie to juxtapose the sheerness and add a pop of colour. I paired them with a pair of black gladiators—black on black lengthens the leg. I changed into a floral wedge sneaker when I had to do more intense walking (and just wanted height, I’ve longed to be 5’10 for ages). I felt the sneakers definitely added more weight to the look but the cutouts prevented it from looking too heavy and weighed down.


The leggings back to front are the perfect combination! The front, adds intrigue by showing a subtle sliver of skin through the two sheer panels. The back are purely badass as the diagonal cut not only makes your leg appear slimmer but it gives an unexpected edge that really elevates any look. I feel that it really sassed up the button down—less sweet and more ‘scholar with a secret.’

I swear these demand attention! I had a handful of people stop me in stores and on the street and ask me where these were from, commented on how they liked the shirt-leggings combo and even asked me if you can work out in them—the latter, I’m guessing is because they look so luxe and transition so well outside of the gym they can’t possibly be functional for a workout! But we know they are! It’s the same breathability that kept me cool while I ran around during the scorching heat—the kind of heat that made me think of hot yoga.

The fabulous thing with these leggings is that they can be dressed up and down. If you want a more laid back look—throw on a crop top with an oversized denim vest. Have to go out with the girls? Opt for a crisp oversized button down, red lipstick, an earcuff, and military-inspired heels. Running errands or taking classes? Throw on a hoodie or a flannel shirt and tank, grab your bag and go. It instantly elevates while still adding a nod and a wink.

How do you wear the Heart Leggings? Tag us in your pictures with #titikalife for your chance to be featured on our instagram.



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