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Winter Yoga and Titika

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As we get closer to the snowy months, the urge to curl up into bed and avoid the outdoors grows stronger. We want to reverse the mindset and find alternative means of exercise from the comfort of your own home! Pack away your summer activewear and shop some new Titika gear and prep for winter. @SaraLouYoga

Whether in a studio or at home, yoga is an exercise that can be done almost anywhere. If you’re a beginner yogi, and want to practice your poses before you reach the studio, an at-home yoga session is perfect opportunity to stretch out your winter stresses. Grab a Racy Seamless Bra and a pair of Lucky Leggings, and you are ready to start your new winter routine.

Below are 5 helpful tips for a Home Yoga Session.

  1. Have a designated spot in your home just for your yoga practice. A quiet, calm space works great. Don’t clutter it – have a candle or two, maybe a calming photo.
  2. Allow yourself 15-30 minutes out of your day whenever you can. If you can give yourself that set time each day, you’ll feel more inclined to do it more and more.
  3. Have a set routine so that you don’t waste time in-between each pose – that can disturb your meditation and focus, which you don’t want.
  4. Do what your body can handle. Don’t push yourself to do that complicated pose. You’ll get there eventually
  5. Keep your Yoga outfit simple and comfortable. Don’t wear something that will hinder your movements

Have winter exercises tips to share? Comment below or send us a message on Instagram (@TitikaActive).


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